American Machine & Gear Works (“AMG”) is a Veteran & Woman co-owned business that is located and operated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We currently serve the Surgical/Medical, Industrial and Gear-Making industries and are primarily positioned for Rapid Prototyping of Surgical/Medical Instruments & Implants, Model Making, Gear Making and small production runs.


We also serve the Biotech, Dental, Veterinary, Orthotic, Prosthetic and Sports Industries.  Our expertise is very high precision, very quick turn-around manufacture of complex parts for our customers.  We have built and nurtured this small-business since 2007.  As a team, we each bring over 25 years of manufacturing & prototyping, small business operations, legal and medical industries experience into our shop.  We built our business the old fashioned way – putting our noses to the grindstone, earning a solid reputation, gaining word-of-mouth business, and always producing high-quality manufactured parts.

As a general rule, we strive to patronize other local businesses – first and foremost – for our supply and service needs, and only American companies beyond that. This is a personal commitment that has melded into our business conscience.

What makes AMG consistently unique from other competitors is that we have the ability to work directly with our customers and their engineers – we have the expertise and the insight to understand the customer’s designs and do whatever it takes to ultimately create high-quality parts that solve their problems and keep them on the road to product launching.   We are not just another machine shop that “makes chips.”

We are your one stop, go-to shop for assistance with your machining needs and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist you.